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Retained searches have the benefits of both projects and contingency. You’d not only have a dedicated recruiter helping you with your search, you’d also have the rest of the contingency benefits bullet pointed above. You’d pay a small pocket of the fee upfront which cements your dedicated recruiter and our exclusivity, then you pay the remainder of the fee once the placement has been made within 60 days, with the small upfront you paid knocked off the price. How great is that!? 

  • Featured ad on our website and LinkedIn

  • Expert candidate management 

  • Assistance with interview organization

  • Offer Negotiation and Counter-Offer guidance

  • Candidate follow up and placement review

  • Expert input on your job description, interview process salary range, and talent acquisition strategies

  • Access to 2000 engaged candidates 

  • Prep and Debrief candidates 

  • Book interviews 

  • Exclusivity 

  • Have the choice of a dedicated, specialist recruiter working in a dedicated industry

  • Bi-weekly debriefs to ensure calibration and updates can be made (if needed)

  • Manage recruitment process 


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