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Dylan Mpofu

Senior Technical Recruiter

As a recruitment consultant at Reach Velocity, my primary goal is to identify and attract highly skilled candidates to join our team. Our company focuses on emerging technology, with my personal focus being on the Medtech industry. To accomplish this goal, I employ a variety of strategies to source, screen, and interview potential candidates.

My day-to-day activities include reviewing resumes and job applications, conducting phone screenings and in-person interviews, and working closely with hiring managers to understand their specific requirements for new hires. I also use a variety of online and offline channels to source potential candidates, including social media, job boards, and personal referrals. Once I've identified a promising candidate, I work with them to ensure that they have a strong understanding of the company culture, job expectations, and growth opportunities, with the ultimate goal of bringing them onboard at Reach Velocity.

+1 408-256-3898

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