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Charmaine Wallace

Lead Talent Acquisition

As a Lead Talent Acquisition at Reach Velocity, I have progressed from my previous role as a recruitment consultant, and my focus has shifted towards developing and implementing recruitment strategies for emerging technology. At Reach Velocity, our primary goal is to identify and attract highly skilled candidates for our clients, and my role is to lead and guide our team of recruiters to ensure that we achieve this goal.

My day-to-day activities include collaborating with clients to understand their hiring needs and develop a customized recruitment strategy. I also manage the recruitment team and provide guidance and support to ensure that they are effectively sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates. Additionally, I am responsible for measuring the success of our recruitment efforts and making data-driven decisions to optimize our strategies. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the talent we bring in and that our recruitment efforts align with the goals and values of Reach Velocity.

+1 408-462-5735

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