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Chloe - Head of Recruitment - AgTech

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I love mushrooms. I have always had a fascination with Mycology and the studies of fungi, this reflects in my educational background where I gained my Masters Degree focusing on the reconstruction of fungi and sustainable materials.


What is your speciality?

Agtech, I primarily work with green companies that have a sustainable ethos and contribute to the advancement of BioTech and Science research. Agriculture has recently shown to be a very big industry to implement Robotics and Artificial Intelligence into, ultimately to ease pressures of food security and labour shortages as well as battling a lot of current world problems and climate issues.

What fascinates you about it?

The drive to develop greener alternatives that will ultimately make agriculture more efficient and and less harmful to the planet and using that push to limit the affects of the climate crisis and mediate that through the use of emerging technologies and artificial intelligence.

What roles are you hiring for?

VP of Engineering, Computer Vision Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and many other software focused roles at all different levels,, across the US.

What part of RV's mission do you connect with?

As I am very passionate about the industry I am focused on, I strongly relate to mission and the ethos in the way that the companies we work with in the Agtech industry are 100% sustainable and have no relations to livestock and dairy farming. As this is something I don't personally agree with. I am very invested in getting the right people in the right roles to drive the industry to the next level.

Why Reach?

We're all invested in each of the industries we specialize in, taking time to do extensive research on the market and candidate calibre. The focus we have on our own specialities allows us to grow healthier relationships with our clients and deliver excellent results, each of us having on going communications with our very niche talent pools due to our dedicated searches means we can direct candidates straight to the perfect role. All of this outmatched with our genuine interest to help and grow our individual sectors.

How have you grown during your time here?

My role has allowed me to work within my genuine interests while also gaining knowledge about an industry I didn't know much about prior to my time here. It has lead to me developing both as a person and a professional, most recently progressing me to leading a small dedicated team around me; which I do love as they all hold the same interests as myself.

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