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Industrial Engineer
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Engineering Services

Resource based Project Teams

Through our Project RPO option, we can assist with specific hiring projects, Project RPOs focus on delivering results quickly and cost-effectively.

Our RPO solution can benefit your business in a number of ways:

  • Increased Efficiency – Improving your time to hire

  • Control and Simplicity – A process that dovetails with your own business processes allowing you to maintain control

  • Risk Management – Up to the minute protection from existing and new legislation based on robust, proven processes and expertise

  • Cost Control – Competitive pricing structures with no surprises

  • SME level support from us - including engineering, recruitment and compliance.

Contract - Resource based Project Teams / RPO

We help you manage a specific project from beginning to end, using contingent workers. The deliverables are managed by us, while you benefit from expert knowledge and expertise. The result is a reduction in risk and reliance on single contractors, as well as a greater emphasis on results.

Contingent workforce management is all about reducing your risk and liberating you from administrative tasks. We have an in-house expert team that includes compliance specialists and technical project managers. We also provide IT kit (hardware and software) as an option if required.

We don't just provide you with contractors quickly and efficiently. As part of our mission, we aim to provide you with talent that will enable you to innovate and grow your business, while engaging your employees and customers.



In house team of technical specialists, with extensive knowledge and experience in managing project teams to ensure deliverables are met.

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